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I Started The CBD Revolution—Here’s What I Regret

Why CBD products barely work

In 2014 when I wrote the little book entitled I Want My CBD I had no idea how popular it would instantly become. The book almost single handedly brought about the current insane demand for all things CBD. Some readers individually ordered hundreds of copies to give to their family and friends. Churches ordered thousands of copies to pass out during services. Besides the general public, veteran groups, nurses, doctors, healers of every stripe wanted copies of I Want My CBD. There are now well over 5 million copies in print.

In 2014 the public had very little knowledge or interest in CBD and its incredible health benefits. Yes, CNN ran a documentary in 2013 by Dr. Sanjay Gupta called Why I changed my mind on Marijuana that mentioned CBD, and there were occasional news articles about CBD, but after my book was released CBD went very rapidly from hard to find to available everywhere. Go into any market, any health food store, any Seven Eleven, or any gas station convenience store for that matter, and you’ll find a plethora of CBD products.

There are even stores in most cities that sell only CBD products. And of course CBD products are in all cannabis dispensaries. The internet is saturated with CBD products. It all really began with I Want My CBD. But I’m not trying to sell you my old book. You can get one for free if you so desire. Simply go to and download it.

The reason I wrote this new online article that I published on major news sites like this one is because most CBD products don’t deliver the health benefits I promised they could. I feel responsible for this. In fact I feel horrible about it. My book created such unprecedented demand for CBD that it gave scammers the perfect opportunity to push inferior or worthless CBD products on a grand scale!

I’m not saying today’s CBD products don’t do anything. If that were the case millions of people would not be buying them every day. I didn’t exaggerate the health benefits of CBD in my book, but perhaps if I had done a better job explaining what CBD dosage amounts are necessary for CBD to be effective the travesty that has occurred would not have happened. This online article is my attempt to put an end to CBD scams and to offer you something no CBD marketer would ever dream of offering!

Don’t be tricked by CBD marketers. Here’s what you need to know before you even think about purchasing CBD:

Anandamide—The Key To Understanding CBD

Scientists are convinced pain, anxiety, insomnia, and unhappiness, are all related to the lack of a substance your body produces called anandamide. As you age your body produces less anandamide which is why older people suffer so terribly from pain, anxiety, insomnia and unhappiness. Doctors have a name for low levels of anandamide. It’s called Cannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome. I’m sorry to say I didn’t talk enough about anandamide in my book. As I was later to discover, it’s impossible to over state the importance of having adequate levels of anandamide for your health and well being.

Let’s break it down. The name anandamide is taken from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. Ananda means bliss. BLISS! That’s right, your body produces a substance that scientists seriously call the bliss molecule! How amazing is that? Here’s the point, it’s not CBD that does the heavy lifting for relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia, and unhappiness, it’s anandamide! What CBD does do, equally miraculous, is naturally raise levels of anandamide. You’ll never hear this from any CBD marketer, they don’t have a clue, but make no mistake, the true hero in the relief saga is anandamide.

To understand how CBD raises levels of anandamide, and what dosage rates are necessary for CBD to do so (most CBD products don’t contain enough CBD to do anything!) you must also have a basic understanding of the endocannabinod system. Something else I didn’t talk enough about.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

OK, before we go into the ECS you may be wondering why I wrote a book in 2014 about CBD in the first place. Simple, I owned a CBD company, HempLand® USA, and wanted more people to know about CBD. At that time I had been in the nutritional supplement business for more than 30 years, both as an owner and CEO of several leading supplement companies. HempLand® USA was my latest venture.

I first tried hemp CBD oil in late 2013 for chronic back pain, insomnia and anxiety. I received the CBD oil from a friend. He told me to take much more than the bottle suggested. I did. I was blown away by its effectiveness. I went into the CBD business shortly thereafter convinced no supplement on the planet could give relief like CBD. It was a game changer. I just knew demand would explode. It didn’t.

By 2014 HempLand® USA was partners with a large organic hemp growing operation in Colorado. Together, we produced without question the highest quality hemp CBD products available. As I said, I was in the nutritional supplement business for over 30 years. I knew exactly what was necessary to run a first class business selling supplements. CBD is a supplement. That being said, our CBD sales were barely meeting expenses. The public was still not ready to embrace hemp because of it’s association with cannabis. 7 decades of lies and scare tactics is hard to over come but that was about to change.

Me at our organic hemp farm in Colorado

I tried everything to increase interest in CBD. I ran radio ads, TV ads and internet ads, but nothing moved the needle. Then I read a story about how, early in the twentieth century, the chemical magnate Dupont, the banker and U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, and newspaper magnate William Randolph Hurst successfully conspired to make cannabis federally illegal which also included draconian penalties for growing, distributing, or using cannabis in any form. Cannabis was a real threat to Dupont and Hurst because of its natural pharmaceutical applications, and use as paper. Hurst was heavily invested in timber for paper, and Dupont in chemicals for drugs. Lovely people.

I researched the story in-depth and everything available about the history of cannabis, specifically CBD. By 2014 hemp derived CBD was finally legal but the long road that it had traveled to regain its legal status was little known. I thought if the public knew the true story why cannabis (marijuana and hemp) was made illegal, if they knew the stories of the heroes who fought for legalization at great personal cost, then the public would finally become interested, especially if they were informed about the scientifically proven health benefits both marijuana and hemp CBD offered which the government either lied about or suppressed. I decided to write a book. You know the rest.

Back to the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This could be a little technical so I’ll try to keep it basic and short but please give it your attention because you need to understand why it’s necessary to take way more CBD than CBD marketers are touting. I promise it will be worthwhile especially since I am about to give you a deal on CBD that will turn the entire CBD industry on its head! You’ll understand why it’s such a great deal in a few minutes.

The ECS represents one of the most important biological discoveries of the twentieth century. Think of it as your body’s master monitor. It works like a complicated thermostat. It’s main purpose is to restore bodily balance. Why is balance so important? Well, pain, anxiety, insomnia and unhappiness are really expressions of something being out of balance, right? Restore balance and most health problems vanish.

Your ECS has 3 main players:

  1. Endocannabinoids: Endo simply means made inside your body. Cannabinoids are special neurotransmitters that convey instructions for what your body needs to do to restore balance, very cool. Your ECS has 2 major endocannbinoids, anandamide and 2-AG. CBD affects anandamide.
  2. Enzymes: The major enzyme in your ECS is fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) This is an extremely important player with respect to CBD. FAAH’s purpose is to regulate anandamide levels by breaking anandamide down. What CBD actually does is deactivate FAAH and in so doing it causes anandamide levels to rise. But you need to take a surprising amount of CBD to actually raise anandamide levels. Hardly anybody in the CBD industry knows anything about anandamide, FAAH or dosage levels.
  3. Receptors: Your ECS has a series of endocannbinoid receptors throughout your body, but mostly located in your immune system and brain. Anandamide, an endocannabinoid, fits into these receptors like a key fits into a lock. By doing this it’s able to transmit its messages. Here’s where the confusion lies. CBD is a cannabinoid and so is THC. But CBD has no affinity for ECS receptors, you already know what CBD does. THC on the other hand, like anandamide, does indeed fit into ECS receptors by mimicking the shape of anandamide. As I’ve said CBD marketers don’t have a clue, they think CBD works like THC and interacts with ECS receptors. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

let’s quickly review why it’s important for you to understand this basic explanation of the ECS. First you now see how little CBD marketers know about the products they’re selling work. Second, and this is really important. In order for CBD to raise levels of anandamide (critical for people over 50) so it can deliver the amazing health benefits I spoke about in my first book, like unprecedented relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia and unhappiness, it’s necessary to take at least 150mg of CBD daily! And that’s on the low side!

Think about how much CBD that is compared to what’s touted as effective. Currently most CBD companies sell products that contain around 400mg of CBD per bottle! The typical amount of servings in a 1oz bottle is 30. That works out to only 13.3mg CBD per day if the bottle does indeed contain 400mg of CBD. What a joke! Many CBD companies are selling 1oz bottles that contain far less than 400mg of CBD and they’re not cheap. Sure CBD is expensive to produce, but not that expensive. The public is being robbed! Is it possible to find companies that sell higher amounts of CBD? Yes, but the prices are out of this world!

Here’s some studies, there are many more, that leave little doubt about effective dosage rates for CBD. They show dosage rates from 200mg to 600mg daily, depending on the conditions treated.

It’s now time for me to give you the deal I promised. I said it would turn the entire CBD industry on its head and it will.

If I said I will offer you a 2oz bottle of our best selling brand Cannabitol® that contains 1000mg of our premium full spectrum hemp CBD extract for just $59.95 that would be a pretty good deal. Price out full spectrum CBD extract on the web and you’ll see that 1000mg of CBD for $59.95 is indeed a good deal.

But If I said I will offer you a 2oz bottle of Cannabitol® that contains 2000mg of hemp CBD extract for only $59.95 that would be an extraordinary deal. Check it out and see if any CBD company sells 2000mg of premium full spectrum hemp CBD extract for $59.95. Believe me they don’t.

However, If I said I will offer you a 2oz bottle of Cannabitol® that contains 3000mg of full spectrum hemp CBD extract for only $59.95 you’d probably think I am either crazy or there has to be a catch. No CBD company would ever offer 3000mg of CBD for $59.95. No company!

Well maybe I am crazy because I am going to offer you a 2oz bottle of Cannabitol® that contains 5000mg our premium full spectrum hemp CBD extract for just $59.95. This is not a scam continuity deal where I offer you a low price and then lock you into a monthly automatic charge on your credit card at a much higher price that’s very difficult, if not impossible to cancel.

$59.95 is the real price, and it even gets lower, a lot lower. If you purchase 3 bottles I’ll give you an attentional 20% discount. If you purchase 6 bottles I’ll give you an additional 30% discount, and If you purchase 9 bottles I’ll give you an additional 40% discount. Free shipping is included with multiple bottle purchases.

Here’s a sample of what people are saying about Cannabitol® 5000:

I’ll be frank. I thought this can’t be true, but I ordered Cannabitol® 5000 anyway cause you said it had a money back guarantee. It showed up quickly. The lab report you promised did verify the CBD amounts. I’ve been using CBD for my bum knee. I never experience relief like the relief I got with Cannabitol® 5000. You’re right, dosage matters!

—Mike M. Anchorage, AK

I came across a really cool story on the internet about CBD and I ordered their product. What a night mare. Not only did their gummies not work, the company banged my credit card for months until I finally threatened them. I almost didn’t order Cannabitol® 5000 even though what you said made sense. It was only after I saw you didn’t want me to sign up for automatic shipping that I decided to give Cannabitol® 5000 a try. I’m glad I did. Cannabitol® 5000 really made a huge difference with my anxiety issues. Thanks.

—Margaret P, Orlando, FL

Come on 5000mg of CBD for $59.95! I told myself there had to be a catch but I still liked what I read so I decided what the heck. I want everybody to know there is no catch. Cannabitiol® 5000 really works. It definitely helped with my sleep problems like nothing else!

—Gary R, Rapid City, SD

I’ll get right to the point. I’ve tried lots of CBD products. I’m probably the perfect example of a CBD sucker. Of course I ordered Cannabitol® 5000. What’s not to like. But unlike every other CBD product I’ve tried, Cannabitol® 5000 delivered in spades. I’ve suffered for years from chronic pain in my feet, ankles and wrists. Cannabitol® 5000 knocked it out!

—Bill B, Fort Worth, TX

Miracle of miracles. I having been taking CANNABITOL® 5000 for three months and it has delivered as promised. It calms me, makes me see things more clearly, and definitely makes me happier. But I wanted to give CANNABITOL® 5000 the real test. I convinced my mother in-law to try it! About twenty minutes after taking a full dropper of CANNABITOL® 5000 she did something I’ve never seen her do in my presence. She smiled! And then the miracle…she started laughing, and continued to do so for quite sometime. How do I buy stock in your company?

—Ron Swartz, Queens, NY

So now you personally know more than most CBD companies about how CBD works, and especially what dosage rates are necessary to take full advantage of the health transforming power of CBD. If you’re tired of pain, anxiety, insomnia and unhappiness, if you’re fed up with CBD scams, then take advantage of this incredible offer to get Cannaitol® 5000. Let’s turn the CBD industry on its head!

I’ve already told you the prices and discounts for Cannabitol® 5000 but here they are again: (60 servings) costs $59.95 plus $8.95 for shipping and handling. Most people order more than 1 bottle because of the discounts. 3 bottles are discounted 20%, 6 bottles are discounted 30%, and 9 bottles 40%. Discounted orders include free domestic shipping.

P.S. Every product HempLand® USA sells carries a 100% money back guarantee. No time limits and now questions asked. Also we include 3rd party labs reports with all our products that accurately test for purity and potency, including cannabinoid counts. If we say Cannabitol® 5000 contains 5000mg of full spectrum hemp CBD extract we prove it.

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