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Icelandic Asta-D—The World’s Greatest Anti-Aging Formula!

In the land of glaciers, geysers, volcanoes, and Vikings a magical algae is grown that never dies—a magical algae that can change your life. How this audacious algae stops aging and cheats death will shock you, intrigue you, and ultimately transform you.

The Immortalizer

Physical immortality—the impossible dream. We are mortal beings. Like all living organisms, we are born, we live, we die. In nature there are no exceptions. Or are there?

In Iceland, on an abandoned U.S. Air Force base, there are five large, highly secure, nondescript, single-story buildings that once served as the command center for the 82nd Fighter Intercept Squadron, our first line of defense against the red menace. That same command center now serves as arguably our first line of defense against another kind of enemy, a seemingly unstoppable enemy that haunts us all. Old age!

The malaise that accompanies aging happens whether we want to admit it or not. You just feel different as you pass a certain number. For some it begins in their 40s, others in their 50s, and for the lucky few, in their 60s. Perhaps it starts with an increasingly unpleasant awareness that you’re winding down. Daily experiences lose their crispness. Clarity gives way to confusion. Energy fades like a battery long past its prime. Memory occasionally stalls. Colds linger, the flu season has ominous overtones, joints ache, and pain is a constant reminder that nothing is as it once was.

No one wants to experience what happens to their body as it begins to decay. It’s this process of decay, why it happens, and how to prevent it, that the scientists, engineers, and dreamers inside the command center have concentrated all their efforts. They believe algae holds the answer.

You may not know it but algae is, without question, the most important organism on our planet. Algae produces more oxygen than anything else, including all the rain forests combined! Algae is at the base of our oceanic food chain and literally powers our planet’s eco systems… Algae is why we are all here.

There are thousands of species of algae, possibly in excess of a million. Nobody really knows. What is known however is one species, Haematococcus, does something nothing else in nature can do. Under the right conditions this algae can produce a substance that can extend its life indefinitely.

Inside the command center a different kind of biotechnology has been created, a biotechnology that doesn’t alter or modify nature, but rather works with nature to grow Haematococcus under the “right” conditions so it will indeed produce, in abundance, the substance dubbed, the immortalizer.

Powered solely by clean thermal energy, their creation looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Bathed in iridescent blue light, pristine lava-filtered glacial water is constantly monitored and circulated through hundreds of yards of looping, sterilized glass tubes. In the circulating water Haematococcus is grown that, when given a precise amount of light and nutrients, makes an incredibly pure and active astaxanthin, the world’s most powerful anti-oxidant.

Astaxanthin is capable of modulating the aging process in ways never thought possible. However, to understand the miracle of astaxanthin and why it has been dubbed the immortalizer by the team in the command center, you need to understand why Haematococcus produces astaxanthin in the first place. But before we deepen your understanding of astaxanthin a brief lesson in anti-oxidants is in order:

Organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time. A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell. Free radicals are highly reactive and can wreak havoc on the integrity of cells. Free radical damage is closely associated with oxidative damage—think rust!

Anti-oxidants are reducing agents, and limit oxidative damage to biological structures by neutralizing free radicals. Once it was understood that anti-oxidants could limit the damage done to cells by free radicals, and thus slow down the aging process, doctors recommended that we supplement our diets with anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E, to name but a few. And then, like all theories that suddenly grab the attention of a group of scientists, a breakthrough occurred.

A British chemist, Dr. Basil Weedon, discovered astaxanthin, the mother of all anti-oxidants. Soon publications began appearing about the stunning power of astaxanthin to reverse the aging process and confer multiple health benefits like a much stronger immune system, joint, heart, eye, and brain health, diminished appearance of wrinkles, sun damage protection, and much more.

And so why does Haematococcus produce astaxanthin and why has the command center team dubbed astaxanthin the immortalizer? Remember how we said algae was the most important organism on the planet, and that one species can do something nothing else in nature can do? We weren’t exaggerating!

Haematococcus has the incredible ability to be aware when conditions are not right for its survival (a single cell organism!) Once the algae determines that conditions aren’t right for its survival, such as a lack of nutrients and/or intense sunlight, it produces a red substance, astaxanthin, that forms a protective shield against the damaging oxidation that occurs from intense sunlight and/or lack of nutrients.

Astaxanthin is so effective that it can ensure the integrity of the cell, even under the most severe, free radical, oxidative stress assault. Aging and eventual death is directly related to the loss of integrity of cells. Astaxanthin guarantees the integrity of the algae cell indefinitely, hence the team’s nickname, the immortalizer!

How the command center team came to be, and how they optimize the growing conditions for this very special algae better than any other company, is the next part of our story.

Stars Align

Great success requires a great vision executed by talented people, but equally important, and sometimes over looked, is “synchronicity.” The stars have to align. The team that was to form the Icelandic company Algalif (algae life) enjoyed an excess of all three requirements for success.

As you just learned there is no other substance that can modulate the aging process as effectively as astaxanthin. None. This has been known for some time and so naturally companies have sought to produce astaxanthin as a dietary supplement.

Haematococcus algae will produce more astaxanthin than anything else, but to grow Haematococcus under the right conditions so it can produce astaxanthin is extremely difficult. Before Algalif in Iceland was formed, only two companies produced the entire world supply of astaxanthin. One is located in Israel and the other in Hawaii. It is in Hawaii that that synchronicity begins.

A few years ago Andrew (Andy) Jacobson was the CEO of the Hawaiian company that produces astaxanthin. Andy was obsessed with astaxanthin to say the least.

Andy grew up in the health industry. His father owned a health food store and from the time Andy was old enough to push a broom he was learning about dietary supplements. The day he heard about astaxanthin he knew he had found his calling. Andy had seen supplement fads come and go but astaxanthin was different. The amount of scientific studies that verified its uncanny ability to modulate aging, and deliver incredible health benefits was unprecedented.

Andy steadily rose through the health industry ranks from clerk, to salesman, to regional sales manager, always keeping his eyes on the prize, eventually landing the job as CEO. He said he never had a second thought about what he wanted to do because every day he heard stories about how astaxanthin had transformed the health of people who had given up all hope.

Some of the stories were from people he knew personally, like Mike his older friend who was being forced to retire early from the police force because of health issues. Mike could hardly move by the end of the day. He suffered such stiffness that even the strongest pain killers barely helped. He always felt tired and rundown. He wasn’t sharp like he used to be and believed there was nothing he could do because he was just getting older. Mike was a mess. Andy introduced him to astaxanthin.

Things got better, so much better that Mike kept right on working. His stiffness was gone, his energy levels were higher than they had ever been. He got his edge back. Mike even looked younger.

It was witnessing first hand the incomparable power of astaxanthin that kept Andy going until he finally landed his dream job.

However, from the beginning of his tenure as CEO there were problems. Andy was highly motivated and only wanted to do his best for a company that was manufacturing what he knew was the greatest supplement in the industry, but he also knew he could vastly improve their manufacturing facility and the company’s sales efforts. He drew up a plan. The board did not listen, but fortunately the company’s biggest customer did. The stars had indeed aligned!

The Norwegians

Anders and Kenneth had both worked as engineers in the Norwegian salmon industry. They saw first hand how astaxanthin was used to keep farmed salmon healthy and provide the red pigment that salmon lacked if raised in captivity. The more they learned about astaxanthin, the more they realized astaxanthin could be sold as a dietary supplement providing remarkable health benefits.

At that time, very little was understood by the Scandinavian public about astaxanthin. Anders and Kenneth set about changing that. They formed a partnership, and from their garage, started a company that grew into one of the largest supplement companies in all of Scandinavia, SanaPharma, helping to better the health of hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens. Scandinavians couldn’t get enough astaxanthin! Their main supplier of astaxanthin was the company where Andy was the CEO. Kenneth and Anders hit it off with Andy immediately. Their relationship quickly led to a shared vision.

Namely to create the finest astaxanthin in the world. They have accomplished that goal in spades. Here’s how:

In order to produce astaxanthin you need three things in abundance: light, power, and clean water.

Iceland has an abundance of power, non-polluting thermal power, so much so that, if necessary, Iceland could supply the whole of Europe with power. Iceland also has an abundance of the cleanest water on earth, lava filtered glacial water. What Iceland doesn’t have is an abundance of sunlight. So why did the Norwegians choose Iceland as a location to produce astaxanthin? The answer is what allows Algalif to grow the purest and most potent astaxanthin in the world… Light?

Kenneth and Anders were not just engineers, they were brilliant engineers, highly motivated to someday produce their own astaxanthin rather than purchase it from a third party. As their company grew, they started experimenting with growing Haematococcus algae in green houses, to see if it was possible using the latest advancements in indoor full-spectrum lighting, to make the algae produce astaxanthin.

It had never been done before. The Norwegians succeeded, and they succeeded in a big way. As we previously mentioned, Haematococcus produces astaxanthin when, at a certain level of maturity, the algae is suddenly deprived of key nutrients and simultaneously exposed to intense sunlight. This condition forces the algae to produce astaxanthin as a protectant against oxidation.

What Kenneth and Anders discovered was that indoor full-spectrum lighting, especially with their ingenious modifications, allowed them far greater control of both the angle and intensity of light to which the algae was exposed, ultimately yielding greater amounts of astaxanthin than was possible using traditional methods of cultivation.

Iceland was on!

The abandoned airbase was the perfect location. Andy gave notice and became the new CEO of Algalif. A dream team was brought together from around the world. They created a company that cultivates algae using technology that simply didn’t exist before. Their slogan is “Science in Partnership with Nature’s Wisdom.”

18 months later, Algalif was producing the world’s finest astaxanthin, but that was only the beginning. We stated at the start of this story that the command center, Algalif, “now serves as arguably our first line of defense against another kind of enemy, a seemingly unstoppable enemy that haunts us all. Old age!

Here’s why that statement is absolute fact. The scientists at Algalif have made the world’s finest astaxanthin, and thus the world’s most effective age modulator, even more effective! It’s called Asta-D, like the immortalizer, the team has dubbed Asta-D… the wholly triad!

Asta-D is a combination of Icelandic astaxanthin, superoxide dismutase, and vitamin D3. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an anti-oxidant enzyme that is produced naturally by your body. It operates as a powerful adjunct to astaxanthin, magnifying its effects. For astaxanthin to work optimally, SOD is critical. This is not an issue for people under 50, because your body produces enough SOD, but after 50, SOD levels drop dramatically. For people over 50 to get maximum anti-oxidant benefits, SOD supplementation is vital.

Along with SOD, Asta-D includes vitamin D3. People over 50 also have lower levels of vitamin D3, in some cases dangerously low! Vitamin D3 has been called the master vitamin, effecting virtually all aspects of aging, especially immune and bone health. Vitamin D3 supplementation is critical as an anti-aging component.

Icelandic astaxanthin is the major ingredient in Asta-D and could certainly stand alone to deliver the anti-aging benefits only the immortalizer can, but the combination of all three ingredients, the wholly triad, is off the charts.

The Choice

It has been quite a journey for a young boy pushing a broom down the isle of his father’s health food store, dreaming about the future, for two friends laboring late in the evening in their garage, packing boxes with what they believed could change the lives of so many people. They followed their heart and together, with an incredible team, created possibly the world’s greatest anti-aging product, Asta-D.

The malaise of aging does indeed happen. The process of decay will occur. You can be the victim or the victor. Thanks to Algalif, the choice is yours.

How to Order Icelandic Asta-D

Icelandic Asta-D can be purchased directly from IMMUNOCORP, the exclusive North American distributor: Simply call 1-800-446-3063, Ext 201. Order with your credit card 24/7. If you prefer to order by mail, simply send a check or money order to: IMMUNOCORP, 2340 Mira Mar Ave., Dept. 201, Long Beach, CA 90815. Please add sales tax applicable to your state, county or district/local. You can also order on line at:

A one month supply costs $39.95 plus $7.95 for shipping and handling. Recommended dosage is one or two gel caps per day. Most people order more than a 30 day supply because IMMUNOCORP offers deep discounts. A 3 month supply is discounted 20%, 6 months 30%, and 9 months 40%. Plus, discounted orders include free shipping. All orders are shipped within 24 hrs. All orders come with a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.

All information contained within this site is for reference purposes only and are not intended to substitute the advice given by a pharmacist, physician, or any other licensed health-care professional. Any products and ingredients have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease.

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